Windsor Whip Works Art Center

New Sculptures by Andy Moerlein

Windsor Whip Works Art Center

98 Main Street, Windsor, NY

Who wears the pants? SOLD
       2013. wood, ceramic, feathers

A misunderstood display of affection.

Teeter $475
2013. wood, ceramic, acrylic

Showing off a bit - yet staying steady.

Adventure SOLD
2013. wood, ceramic

Taking risks. Teetering but solid. Together for the migration. The long haul.


2013. wood, mica, graphite

Gold flittering on the edges of a boat adrift.
A life journey brim full of optimism.
Primp – The Original SOLD
2013. wood, ceramic, shaped feathers

Hoping to stand out.
Almost serious, but dressy silly too.
I am feeling so very good.
The world conforms to my vision of myself.

Primp - The Autum Series SOLD
2013. wood, ceramic, shaped feathers

A stand out in earthy tones.
With a smile and a giggle.

Same Difference SOLD
2013. wood, ceramic, shaped feathers

 Quite a pair. Two of a kind. A matched set.
Twins separated at birth. Soul mates.
Shaping the world about them. Well suited.

An inverse relationship. Equal but different. Happy to be each other’s reflection.

2013. wood, ceramic

There always seems to be
a shadow between us.

Circular Conversation 
2012 wood, ceramic 

Stuck in a roundabout where no one really listens.
Like a gaggle of birds making clatter.
An emotional dance.
I slip out.

2011 wood, paper, ceramic, slate

Burdened by the weight of a life well constructed,
there are deep pangs to be elsewhere and live more vividly.

Casting a Shadow 
2011, wood, ceramic

Every event and relationship leaves a mark that stays.

Accidental Mariners
2013 wood, ceramic, resin

Some of us chose the sea
and some of us ride deep waters quite accidentally.

Summer Heat 
2011-12. wood, ceramic
A complete romp. Out of sorts and beyond control. 
The pure joy of days together.
Switzerland, Italy, Provincetown, New York. 
Skipping goofy and hand holding.

Delicate Conversations
2013 wood, handmade stone, ceramic

I am sure this is the best we can do.
It is not easy, but we are not avoiding risk.
We are sharing it.

Water Birds SOLD
2013 wood, handmade stones, ceramic

Squeezed between two hard places,
we find a way to glide through the rocks.

Different Perspectives SOLD

2013 wood, ceramic
We face the same world from such very different points of view.

Small Talk

wood, ceramic

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