Sunday, August 16, 2020

Mid-Summer News - Shows & New Work

This has been a challenging six months. Happily, I suffer from endless optimism and used this time in lonely but rich and delightful studio experiences. CLICK HERE TO SEE PROGRESS Many of my shows for 2020 have been rescheduled. Here are the highlights:

Interpreting the Natural: Contemporary Visions of Scholars' Rocks 

@ The Korean Cultural Center in New York City, October 21st to November 30th.

Donna Dodson has curated an impressive collection of contemporary artists whose work responds to the ancient Asian tradition of collecting and displaying stones. The exhibition presents Ms. Dodson's selections in conversation with the stones of renown collectors Kemin Hu, one of the foremost experts on scholar rocks, or “spirit stones,” and Juneu Kim, a Korean philosopher, author and collector from California.  I am one of the ten contemporary artists in the show - from Boston, Hudson Valley, New York City and Korea. I hope you will get a chance to see this exhibit. (Appointments required for social distance.) See Curator Dodson's website for the show and individual videos of the artists. 


Pale Wave, 2020 beech and scorched oak, 18”h x 15 x 6”
Boston Sculptors Gallery at The Towers
Chestnut Hill, MA

19 members of our 30 plus membership will exhibit work. It looks to be an exceptional show. Please see the gallery website for images or contact me for a guided socially distant tour.

This piece will grace the entry:

Artesian, oak on plywood, 113”h
Also featuring 29 other sculptors, including Donna Dodson: 
Hawkeye, 41" tall, wood, paint by Donna Dodson
I have been invited to Guest Curate shows at Clark Gallery in Lincoln MA See current work HERE by Jessica Straus, Peter DeCamp Haines, Donna Dodson, and a window of my work too:

Triplets, 2018 wood, ceramic  46 h x 24 x 24”


 If in Anchorage? See my work at Georgia Blue Gallery Please call for an appointment, 907-563-2787, or visit their website to view work online,

Compliments, wood, ceramic


Georgia Blue runs a lively Contemporary Alaska Art gallery. She represents Donna Dodson as well.


If in Manchester NH? Visit Art 3 Gallery a premier New England gallery offering corporate and residential art consulting. Please call for an appointment, 603-668-6657, or visit their website to view work online, My work there now:
 Perfect Pitch, wood, ceramic
I have work in Verbier 3D Foundation, Switzerland again this year. Their show The Great Pause highlights myself and other artists' reactions to this COVID moment. Here is the piece that remains in the Alps from my 2011 residency with the Foundation:
UPROOTED 2011 steel armature, cement 18' x 10' x 11'h

Despite my near total quarantine, collectors seem to find me. Here is the story of a recent COMMISSION.
A friend asked how to bring one of my pieces to their home? Easy! Contact any of my galleries, or write me about a piece or idea. Shipping is no big deal - even international. In this time of COVID, if your income is secure, please consider especially generous support of all the nonprofits and artists you adore. Our culture depends on all of us.
New work in the windows at Boston Sculptors Gallery through September: 

SAVE THE DATE: My next solo show at the Boston Sculptors Gallery will be May - June 2021!
I have a new website (comments welcome):
News from the Myth Makers:
Cate McQuaid featured Donna Dodson's instagram page in the Boston Sunday Globe April 5th. Donna documents our building of monumental sculptures for The Phoenix Festival!
"Stuck at Home, these Boston Artists are doing great things on Instagram"

The Myth Makers two exciting spring 2020 projects are now scheduled for March/April 2021.  
The Phoenix Festival for "A New View Camden" has been postponed to April 2021...
We were selected as one of 8 finalists for a prestigious national competition: the Bloomberg Philanthropies Public Art Challenge in Camden New Jersey. Each artist team is responsible for addressing the problem of illegal dumping, educating the community about solutions and imagining a new vision for the city landscape.
Camden reveals 8 artists selected to bring ‘a new view’ to city
Six Artful Ways Camden Will Transform Prior Illegal Dumping Sites
‘A New View Camden’: $1M Bloomberg Challenge Reclaims Urban Dumping Grounds with Public Art
Camden’s new view: Here are 8 new public art projects coming this summer
Who'll give Camden 'A New View'? Artists selected for installations throughout city
Camden wins Bloomberg Philanthropies Public Art grant

Coming up in March at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Gainesville, Georgia: Flannery's Peacock, a tribute to Flannery O'Connor and her beloved peacocks.

I hope everyone is staying safe, sane and healthy during this crisis.


 For the past 6 months I have had the gift of time and the agony of isolation. Here is my studio progress. (Also on FB twitter and Instagram)

Some drawings - to draw courage from COLOR!

This piece remains unfinished. One experiment was to take a bit of the lower part for experiments in color, using blue green ink work as my inspiration

A lovely elm butt slice came into my studio.
I had two pieces in mind and designed my cuts to use the wood effectively.
Another preliminary drawing:


The result is two very different pieces - still in progress. This one has a base idea that offers two viewing configurations. (The log base shown here is too cumbersome for this work... more to be decided.)


This is the base I am currently designing:

A Boat for the Immortals (in progress):

OK, Some finished pieces:

Thanks for looking. More to come always.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Guest Curator - Clark Gallery Lincoln MA

In a delightful turn of events Clark Gallery Owner Dana Salvo suggested I put my work into the windows at the gallery. With a bit of window cleaning, vacuuming, lighting installation and design work, the spaces proved to be an exceptional professional opportunity in this time of social distance. After a couple of sales, Dana suggested I curate the space quarterly. I am selecting work from people I admire and setting up awesome shows. 

Open 24/7 in the heart of the town of Lincoln MA, this is a COVID pandemic premier opportunity. Small works on display whenever you get the urge to get outta the house. VISIT!!

Preview (until September 15th):

Peter DeCamp Haines

CREST, Bronze, 29" h

PERSTYLIUM,  Bronze, 3.5"h

TROPHY, Bronze 18"h


Jessica Straus 


Donna Dodson
Pea Hen Sister I, 29” tall, spalted maple, paint, 2012
Pea Hen Sister II, 30” tall, red oak, paint, 2014

KANGAROO, Bronze 6"
Queen mum (Rooster), 16” tall, pecan wood, paint, 
 Andy Moerlein



2018 wood, ceramic

46 h x 24 x 24”


The staccato pacing.

Of three notes.

Repeated looped succession.

Three friends jaywalked.

Three more followed.

Chance patterns locked.

Like shadows of yourself.


2018 wood, ceramic 30"h

“More than whisperings of music.

More than light airs and recollected tunes of these most brisk and giddy-paced times.”

Karl Mertz. 1890

Small Talk

2012 wood, ceramic 32"h

We all know the party. Strolling and trolling for a conversation that is more than bird chatter. Deeper conversation is hard to find.