Saturday, January 19, 2019

Two shows - Reception Tonight 1/19 - and News

Only In Maynard
Opening Reception January 19, 5-7pm. 
ArtSpace Maynard Gallery, 63 Summer Street, Maynard, MA
A group show of the rich profusion of artists who have been drawn to this vibrant cultural town. Or visit Saturday from 5--7pm, Wed-Saturday11-3pm. 

Donna Dodson and I both have work in this show that were carved from the same log - in Peru! This amazing hardwood - locally called parrotwood - has rich depth and overtones. Neither piece has been shown in USA before.

parrotwood, plywood,maple stick, coal
Peru is a land of riches. When the Spaniards arrived they demanded things of value and were given sacred feather cloaks. They were confounded. Today the forests and hardwoods are dozed to make room for coal mines. Again the significance of each commodity is disproportionately valued.

 Puma Señorita
By Donna Dodson
parrotwood, ink stain

Opposites Attract
January 30 - February 24, 2019
First Friday reception: Friday, Feb. 1 from 6-9 pm
Valentine reception: Sunday, Feb. 10 from 4-6 pm

Boston Sculptors Gallery, 486 Harrison Road Boston
The annual group show at Boston Sculptors Gallery featuring a diverse collection of new works inspired by the title’s theme. Both Donna and I have surprise pieces and I have seen many images of work that will delight. Here are two new pieces I am working on - follow on instagram or FB.

Persistence and Perserverence 
By the Myth Makers, Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein
Will you be in Florida? We have two new commissions in Coral Springs located at:

The Sawgrass Nature Center (Persistence)  
Sawgrass Trailhead at Atlantic Boulevard


Sunday, November 25, 2018

Andy Moerlein: Longing for Mountains

Nov. 7 - Dec. 9, 2018

If you have not yet seen this show? Here are some final events:
Sun., Dec. 2, 3pm
Collecting Strange Stones: The Art of Scholars' Rocks 
with Timothy Springer
Boston Sculptors Gallery presents a fascinating talk by Timothy Springer.  Mr. Springer is an expert in Scholars’ Rock who has collected a varied selection of Chinese stones that span from intimate to monumental in scale. His “car size” garden stones were selected from the warehouses of newly discovered and expressively singular rock formations. Mr. Springer will show images of his trip, the connoisseur collections he visited and then share his impressions of the contemporary work on view by Andy Moerlein.

Heavy hors d'oeuvres and tea/gourmet coffee will be served.
First Friday Closing Reception: Dec. 7, 5 - 8pm 

  Vestige, plywood on walnut, 14”h
Ridge, oak on plywood on beech limbs, 32”h
Island remnant ridge run. Perforated and ancient earth poem.
Denali, oak on beech wood, 17”h
A singular geologic icon.
Sliver Island, locust on maple and Spanish cedar, 16”
An imagination’s outpost for the hearty. An isolated sanctuary.
Cavern, cherry on plywood, 20”h
Shapes and spaces that draw us into unknown places, both playful and dangerous. Cold water and hard stone.
Plateau, cherry on maple and Spanish cedar, 16”h
A last space of solace. Eroded from beneath and all sides - but a fortress.
Roller Coaster, (2 views) locust on plywood, 25”h
Playful and physical, like the momentum and lunge of a summer roller coaster ride. This work is a tribute to Donna and our adventures together.

Parched, cherry on plywood, beech and oak branches, 48”h
A feeling. A place. Lovely heat without burning.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Longing for Mountains

Andy Moerlein: 
Longing for Mountains

Nov. 7 - Dec. 9, 2018

Artists' Reception & Talk: Nov. 10, 3 - 6pm
First Friday Closing Reception: Dec. 7, 5 - 8pm

Longing for Mountains, Andy Moerlein's second solo exhibition at Boston Sculptors Gallery, is focused on the aesthetics of stone art and artifice. Working in wood, ceramic and a spectrum of other media, Moerlein's sculptures are natural in sensibility, yet the artist's hand is simultaneously evident.

Longing for Mountains is inspired by the ancient Asian tradition of displaying unique stones in the home and garden. Chinese Scholars' Rocks and Japanese Zen gardens are vital references, yet these abstract wood, ceramic and "hand made stone" sculptures are not natural objects, but expressive abstractions.

The practice of collecting stones is a sentimental one, as those we pick up and keep have the power to transport us to past experiences. Growing up immersed in the wilderness of Alaska, Moerlein's study of gesture painting and sculpture was highly influenced by the landscape's solitude and drama. The "hand made stones" on view capture his reverence for nature and passion for lively abstraction.

Moerlein has invited three special guests to host events in the gallery during the exhibition. Chinese Scholars' Rocks expert, author and dealer Kemin Hu will present and discuss five exceptional examples of Chinese Scholars' Rocks. Contemporary ink artist Quanzhou (Jack) Zhao will perform a large-scale calligraphy demonstration. Finally, Tim Springer, a connoisseur of Scholars' Rocks will share a slideshow of of his travels in China in search of his exceptional garden stones.

Sat., Nov. 10, 3-6pm 
Artist Reception & Talk with Special Guest Kemin Hu 

Sun., Nov. 18, 12pm 
Calligraphy Demonstration with Quanzhou (Jack) Zhao 

Sun., Dec. 2, 3pm
Collecting Strange Stones: The Art of Scholars' Rocks 
with Tim Springer

Andy Moerlein on facebook

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Closing Event In NH 10/28 at 3:00

Please join me for a closing reception of Absence and Presence at the Lakes Gallery at Chi-Lin in Laconia NH. See my newest sculptures interspersed with the exceptional landscape paintings of Mary Graham. Enjoy a lively poetry event:

Love Birds - A Poetry Reading  by Keith Tornheim amongst sculpture by Andy Moerlein on the universal themes of love, longing, marriage and the dynamic of relationships - both the fleeting immediate of the crush and the lingering monument of the lifetime affection. 10/28 at 3:00

All the sculpture in this show is inspired by the themes of community, affection and the relationship between birds and musical composition.

Perfect Pitch (Marriage)
2018 wood ceramic  15 h x 8 x 24”

A duet that hovers on the delicate edge of harmony.
A balance that is robust yet quavering.
A melody that needs devoted attention to stay tuned.

2018 wood ceramic  30 h x 24 x 24”

“More than whisperings of music.
More than light airs and recollected tunes of these most brisk and giddy-paced times.”
Karl Mertz. 1890

2018 wood ceramic  46 h x 24 x 24”

The staccato pacing.
Of three notes.
Repeated looped succession.
Three friends jaywalked.
Three more followed.
Chance patterns locked.
Like shadows of yourself.


Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Summer Events!

This Weekend! 
August 3rd First Friday's in SOWA 5:30- 8:30

This is a show I organized for our gallery in Boston. I am so very proud of the work bringing these two very different arts - poetry and sculpture - into collaboration.

Breath and Matter Exhibition at the Boston Sculptors Gallery featuring 24 artists and poets. Join us for a reception Friday August 3rd from 5:30p-8:30p. The show is up through August 12th, 2018. I collaborated with Ernestine Hayes, the writer Laureate of Alaska. You can see a preview of our collaboration online. Donna Dodson worked closely with Danielle Legros Georges, the Poet Laureate of Boston and she will be reading on Wednesday July 18th. 

Uncharted By Andy Moerlein

    Bantam By Donna Dodson

August 4th Saturday The Beacon on Head Island 2-4

Rainbow at the bird beak 
photo by: Eileen Murphy

The Myth Makers public artwork will initiate the first project of the new Harborwalk Artist in Residence (AIR) program. Donna Dodson and I created The Beacon, a 20’ tall bamboo sculpture. Inspired by the Osprey, the Beacon is a tribute to Rachel Carson and her ecological restoration efforts in Boston and beyond.  The Osprey is a survivor and adapter in our rapidly evolving human landscape. Devastated by DDT poisoning, these skilled fish hawks are recovering from the brink of extinction, and are an inspiring example of the role humans can play in restoring balance when we engage the living world around us.

We will host an Open Studios workshop on Saturday August 4th at 2pm at the site of the sculpture on Head Island. Park at the entrance to Head Island near the intersection of Farragut Road and William J Day Boulevard in South Boston. In the late summer the Beacon will migrate to the Charlestown Navy Yard where it will be on view until Friday November 16th. 

Drawing on the Sacred Circle

An Installation by

Andy Moerlein @ Haskell Public Gardens New Bedford

In collaboration with Master Horticulturist, Kristin McCullin and Artist/Curator Jess Bregoli 

This sculpture is an installation made from bamboo. It features a enclosed yet permeable cavern of shapes. Haskell Gardens Master Horticulturist, Kristin McCullin has planted a fun variety of climbing vines that are not shown above, Dutchman's Pipe, Hops, Gourds, and Clematis.
This program is supported in part by a grant from the New Bedford Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency. Additional funding from the Trustees.

Thursday August 16th.  6-8pm
Bring your own picnic and join in lawn games. I will be the featured artist.


If you join me in New Bedford be sure to see Donna Dodson's Madam President: 

and Moby Dick:

 August 25th 5-7pm:
The Lakes Gallery at Chi-Lin

 This show will feature all new work in an exceptional gallery near Lake Winnipesaukee and Meredith NH. This is a great pairing of paintings by Mary Graham and my sculptures featuring birds.


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A Summer of travel: Alaska, Denmark and Taiwan!

I have enjoyed a very lively summer. I created a new piece for a show I curated with BSG colleague Donna Dodson, I organized a reading in my gallery in Anchorage by Alaska writer Laureate Ernestine Hayes, I went to Denmark for the Ringkobing International Wood Carving Symposium and I recently completed a month residency at the National Museum for Marine Science and Technology in Keelung, Taiwan, creating another Avian Avatar with Donna Dodson under our collaborative entity The Myth Makers.

Uncharted and other work at Art Complex Museum, Duxbury MA

So why co-curate a major exhibition, Wood as Muse at the Art Complex Museum in Duxbury MA. with Donna Dodson?
Researching and selecting artists allowed me entry into the lives and studios of artists I admire. It made me think deeply about my affection for and lifelong connection to wood. It was an opportunity to create a community of twelve artists who mostly did not know each other. See Greater Boston Blurb about the show.  See my interview

How did an engagement with Alaska Writer Laureate Ernestine Hayes come about? 
I had never met her, but had been reading her books with enthusiasm. I knew she would be in Anchorage for a workshop the week I was visiting. My Alaska gallery, blue.hollomon gallery often hosts readings, and always an event when Donna Dodson and I are in town. Ernestine had a new book and was eager to read. It was a warm synergy of meeting and shared work – a perfect intersection of her fans and ours.
Alaska Writer Laureate Ernestine Hayes with Andy Moerlein

What is an international wood carving symposium and why Ringkobing, Denmark? 
A wood symposium brings together an elite selection of the world’s best wood sculptors to carve monumental logs in a brief period of time. This is performance sculpture in rare form. The art making process is laid bare to daily observation, bark-on log to finished surfaces.
Ringkobing invited twelve artists to this short week-long event. The skill level was uniformly evident. These artists knew shape and understood how to create it. We had great accommodations at a local hotel, an endless stream of meals featuring the many ways this harbor town prepares and serves fish: fried, baked, smoked, poached, spicy, salted, hot, cold etc, tours to nearby sights and places of community pride, and many fun evenings with local supporters and our fellow sculptors.
Ringkobing is an ideal symposium location. The city is celebrated internationally for it’s fjord harbor, fish restaurants and markets and tourism. The symposium is a summer highlight that is visited by hundreds of visitors daily. A grassy acre overlooking the harbor provided the perfect background for chainsaws, tourists, sunshine, sawdust and photos with sailboats in the background. The Director Otto Pilgaard is a superhuman organizer who has earned deep respect and affection from town leaders, businesses and the world sculpture community.
Why not Boston?! 
We have the arts focus, tourist volume and necessary business value. We have a dozen great possible sites I can think of.
By Andy Moerlein at the International Woodcarving Symposium, Ringkobing Denmark

By Donna Dodson at the International Woodcarving Symposium, Ringkobing Denmark

Next stop? Taiwan! A jungle coated mountainous country with a dynamic economy and vivid culture, Taiwan is diligently seeking to focus education and attention on their precious ocean environment. My invitation there was as team Myth Makers. Working with Donna Dodson we were invited to make another of our monumental “Avian Avatars”. The theme of the residency was Making Connections. We built one of a series of globe embracing sculptures addressing ocean health and the sustainability of this vital world resource. Connecting harbor cities our first Widow’s Walk debuted in New Bedford MA and was followed by the Intrepid Albatross in Keelung. 

The Widow's Walk, Seaport Art Walk 2017 New Bedford, Mass.
The concept for the Seaport Art Walk this year is Sustainable Oceans and it is curated by Jessica Bregoli. The Widow's Walk is a mythical cormorant figure of a widow contemplating the uncertain future of our oceans in much the same way as sailor's spouses used to anticipate their return. We used recycled plastic to draw attention to the gyre and the pollution of our oceans with plastic waste that threatens sea life. 
Widow's Walk, Detail

Keelung Taiwan Environmental Art Residency at the Museum of Marine Science and Technology

The Intrepid Albatross
The Myth Makers, Donna Dodson & Andy Moerlein
bamboo, wire ties, recycled rubber, mirrors

She stands facing the sea, like generations of sailor's wives. The Intrepid Albatross is optimistic for the ocean's future bounty, yet she feels uncertain about the sustainability of this massive rich resource. Like the Myth Makers, she believes in a world where all nations contract together to protect and celebrate the sea's vitality. This is one of a series of monumental temporary sculptures in a globe embracing project by The Myth Makers.

To follow daily please find me on FaceBook.
Please join us?
Sunday September 24th, 1-5p.m.
The Myth Makers Annual Open House/Studios
123 Summer Street, Maynard MA
Hear more stories, see images, enjoy what is NEW in the studios. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Spring and Summer

Wood as Muse

Opening Reception: Sunday May 21st 1:30p-3:30p

Art Complex Museum, 189 Alden St, Duxbury, MA 02332

May 7 – September 3

This show is Donna Dodson and my first curated collaboration. Our aim was to place a wide variety of approaches to wood sculpture in conversation. We did studio visits over the past two years and selected eleven artists. The generous space and ambitious support of Craig Bloodgood, Museum Curator assured we could present a deep view of each of these artists. We created short videos during our studio visits, and Donna compiled a digital catalog. This show is our summer pride. Please visit. Find more at

 Image may contain: 3 people, indoor
 A few images from the VIP Press reception by ArtScope Managing Editor Brian Goslow

 Artists in the exhibition include: Amy Archambault Remby, Tom Beale, Donna Dodson, Breon Dunigan, Vanessa German, Pat Keck, Maskull Lasserre, Jennifer Maestre, Jason Middlebrook, Andy Moerlein, Martin Ulman and Mike Wright.

See Greater Boston Blurb about the show.           See my interview

 Muskegon Impossible!

Extended for a year. Do not miss this installation if you are in Michigan. A surprise when installed last spring, Impossible has become an iconic town landmark that continues to draw attention to the arts in Muskegon, even after the national AP story made Impossible NEWS!

It is hard to show the scale and beauty of the trees in Hackley Park in downtown Muskegon Michigan where Impossible is installed. Huge and lovingly maintained, the city trees show real history and an affection for place.

The Forest Through the Trees 

Be sure to get to 6 Bridges Gallery May 27

Maynard photographer Brent Mathison saw the wood sculpture Donna Dodson and I create as a fine counterpoint to his large tree images.  The show has been a great draw. Brent also brought in Lynda Mapes to share her latest book, Witness Tree. Inspired programming.

No automatic alt text available.

 Foreground: Slot Canyon, wood sculpture by Andy Moerlein Background: Pine at Natural Bridges National Monument by Brent Mathison Photography

Boston Sculptors Window Gallery

486 Harrison Ave Boston 
One of Boston's real treasures. An awesome series of shows, and street side widows.


wood, ceramic birds

It is all about fun.

Let’s always find time to flirt, giggle and seek each other’s attention playfully.