Saturday, November 28, 2009


An excursion of magnitude, I went to Toronto in October to present a paper on my personal experiences as a parent. The Association for Research on Mothering invited me to join a session entitled Mothering and Creativity. I discussed my shared parenting experience and then presented images of my work as a sculptor. It was an exhilarating and challenging event that I feel went very well (the chair of my session suggested I publish my observations. "Your perspective is one that is too rarely considered in the academic research.")

My topics:

Two part-time academic jobs plus full-time shared parenting = creative solution.

How does a FATHER learn MOTHERING?

Can MOTHERING SKILLS be taught to a BOY? -- Who would the role model be? MOTHER OR FATHER?

When is a BOY ready/old enough to babysit?

How do a DANCER and a SCULPTOR solve the childrearing challenge and still meet the demands of travel, rehearsal and studio time?

In a creative parenting dynamic who loses? How can it be a win/win/win for mother/father/children?

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