Wednesday, October 10, 2012

BIRDS of a Feather, NIGHT HUNTER and October News

Showing at Dana Hall School with Donna Dodson, 

Suzette Jones & G.A. Scattergood-Moore,
Bird themed painting and sculpture
October 15-November 20, 2012
Opening Reception: Tuesday, October 16, 5-7:30 p.m.

wood, fiberglass, ceramic “birds” 24w x 28 h x 18”d
A silent view of shifting water levels. Freeze. Thaw. Refreeze. Numb.

wood, ceramic "birds"
2012 22 x 24 x 48"h

We all know the party. Strolling and trolling for a conversation that is more than bird chatter. Deeper conversation is hard to find.


wood, ceramic
2011 24 x 30 x 86"h

Promises are hard work, but I am reconsidering my future with optimism.


Night Hunter

@ Fruitlands Museum, Harvard MA

Saturday, October 27 at Dusk

 A burning owl fire sculpture by Myth Makers Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein

Owls hunt on silent wings, often unseen,  in the dark of night. For all of history, civilizations have celebrated their mystery in myths of magic and deep knowing. Celebrate the end of the season with Fruitlands Museum in a dusk ceremony of fire and community. Enjoy this family gathering with s'mores, cider, apples, and the grand finale of a forty foot flaming owl as the sun sets and the October Hunter's Full Moon rises over the late fall landscape.

This free community gathering sponsored by Fruitlands Museum and Myth Makers Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein.

Still showing!

September 17th – October 28th
10th Rock Garden Art Group The Center for the Arts Homer NY

wood, ceramic, hand made stone

Mill Brook Gallery & Sculpture Garden 

“It’s All About Clay”
August 28th - December 24th
Anne Alexander, Megan Bogonvich, Joan Carcia, Tim Christensen, Liz Corrigan, Steve Cunliffe,
Barbara Danser, Larry W. Elardo, Liz Fletcher, Ronnie Gould, Steven Hayden, Al Jaeger,
Elenora Lecei, Glen MacInnis, Alex Matisse, Christine Merriman, Maureen Mills, Iris Minc,
Andy Moerlein, Boyan Moskov, Rob Rossel, Lee Stice, and Teresa Taylor


2012. wood, ceramic, feathers 14”h x 9”w x 7”d

Like a grenade in the window.
Patience and appropriate are not always well weighted.
I am not known for subtly. I am an earthquake.

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