Friday, August 22, 2014

Granite Carving Symposium - Contemporary Arts International

Three weeks with 12 tons!

Three fellow world renown stone carvers - and me.

Closing Reception Saturday August 23 2-5

68 Quarry Road, Acton MA,  617-699-6401

In the stunning beauty of an Acton MA granite quarry --

Two artists, Yin Peet, Tiawan and Viktor Lois, Hungry, working with a visionary board and an invested team of volunteers, have created a wonderland of art. Dedicated to stone sculpture and music, The Quarry has built a reputation for innovative art and music events.

Every August The Quarry presents an annual granite carving symposium. International professionals mingle with the best northeast sculptors over three brutal weeks wrestling granite blocks into grace and idea.

Cannot come Saturday? See their events page for all the exciting performances and exhibitions.

This year:
ME! Andy Moerlein

The concept with the New Art Archeology is that the stones in the pile stay put, and each artist adds to the collection on site. After many years of artists, this place is a lively gallery of many points of view. All exceptional visions by exquisite and skilled sculptors. I am so proud to be part!

Alexandra Harley from England.

Tamas Mosonyi from Hungary.

Te-Ho Wu from Taiwan.


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