Sunday, July 5, 2015

Early Summer!

Colo Colo Gallery May 25-June 14

What an adventure! I had a great opportunity to show at Colo Colo Gallery in New Bedford MA just as the school year paused. This harbor city was once a whaling port and is now reinventing itself as a lively ferry terminal, domestic fishing dock, and a creative destination with real charm and a growing economic engine.The arts are a new driver in this changing city and Colo Colo curator and gallery president Luis Villanueva has a real vision for contemporary art. His spacious gallery was an open invitation to create a new installation. 

I was fascinated by the raw damage evident in the forests after our deep winter snows. The open wounds were everywhere. The exposed heart wood from torn branches fascinated and repelled me. 

The work I made for the gallery: Weighted, was my document of the violent winter's travesty. The gentle accumulation of snow, in such volume, results in brute force. 

Weighted, a site specific installation,  hand made stones, wire ties, saplings 2015

The large installation was a delight for the audience to walk through and under. It was a bit whimsical as well as threatening.I also showed a series of smaller works that Luis Villanueva presented about the gallery with mastery.  


The show was shared with Susan Gilmore who presented some vivid and well presented digital prints and who brought in a huge fan base for the reception! 

Watch for Donna Dodson's show July 12 - August 7th
The Chinese Zodiac

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