Sunday, January 22, 2017

Receptions Maynard 1/28, Boston 2/10 & New Catalogs!

Welcome 2017! Things can always get BETTER!  -- and will. Wishing EVERYONE the BEST of years ahead.
In reflection, two new catalogs of my recent efforts have just been published.  
Misunderstanding Geology, work influenced by the ancient Chinese tradition of collecting and presenting iconic stones in the home and studio, plus... 
Gathering, a collection of my recent bird themed sculpture. 
Also available: two years of work as The Myth Makers
RSVP if you are interested in seeing a digital or old fashioned paper copy of these exciting manuscripts.
Or just friend me on FaceBook and see the work in real time.
Currently on view:
Only From Maynard!

RECEPTION: Saturday, January 28th  5 – 7 p.m.
Both Donna and I will be in attendance. 

The ArtSpace Gallery is pleased to present “Only From Maynard” featuring the works of 51 artists who live or work in Maynard, but do not have studios at ArtSpace.  read more...
Join us after the reception for a short walk to the Grand Opening of Maynard's fine addition to Mill and Main: Battle Road Brew House. (RSVP and we will TRY to get some tables reserved!)

The ArtSpace Gallery, 63 Summer Street (978) 897-9828

4 a.m.
red oak, plywood, burnt lacquer 2016

Donna Dodson:

wood, paint 2016

Boston Sculptors Gallery 
Feb 8- 26
RECEPTION Friday February 12, 2017 5-10 p.m. 
Both Donna and I will be in attendance. 
LOVE/LUST features passionate new works by 37 sculptor members. Like a Valentine’s Day box of chocolates, this exhibition serves up a sumptuous selection of interpretations on the theme, from the romantic and platonic, to the metaphoric and neurotic, while encompassing figurative, abstract and conceptual works. see more...

486 Harrison Ave Boston MA 617.482.7781
My all new 2017 work. Loving ♡♡♡ Cash and carry!
wood, ceramic  8 x 6 x 12”

An Unexpected meeting.
A fleeting opportunity grasped.
What a moment!

wood, ceramic 11 x 6 x 11

In a world where gales spring up with unexpected vengeance,
You are my partner, my love, my fellow traveler.

wood, ceramic  10 x 9 x 15”

A lingering moment that lasts,
a lifetime.

The Edge
wood, ceramic  9 x 8 x 8”

Every relationship has this.
We pause together.
On the edge.

Donna Dodson: 

Pregnant Kangaroo
cast glass, 6" tall Ed 1/10

January events at 
blue.hollomon gallery
Anchorage, Alaska

In a sudden and TOO BRIEF trip to celebrate my Mom's 86th birthday, I stopped in on First Fridays in Anchorage. It was great to see my pieces and Donna's in prominent view. Georgia Blue is running an exciting contemporary art gallery, with weekly events, a fine cheese shop in house, and huge reputation among artists and collectors in the region. Visit the next time you are in the downtown Anchorage.

Red Wing Black Bird
40" tall, wood, paint by Donna Dodson

Red Wing Blackbird sports a beauty on the outside that is balanced by the harmony within her spirit. She sings a song of loves & losses that reminds us to bear the unfairness of life with grace.

Three Birds and a Landscape 
2016. wood, ceramic 13 x 11 x 16” (mine)
Scale is implied, longing evident.

Closing February 26, 2017

Avian Inspirations:
Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein (the Myth Makers) 
Academy Art Museum Easton, Maryland

Curator-Led Tour: Tuesday, January 24, 12noon

Donna Dodson, Bantam, 2012
Wood, pigment, enamel

Andy Moerlein, Flock 2015
wood, ceramic 
If you are near Muskegon Michigan? See Impossible until April. 
Now fully viewed against bare sky again!! 
an installation of handmade stones

It is hard to show the scale and beauty of the trees in Hackley Park in downtown Muskegon Michigan where Impossible is installed. Huge and lovingly maintained, the city trees show real history and an affection for place.
Coming up in May at the Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, Mass.  
"Wood as Muse," by Guest Curators, Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein,

“Making art with wood is not an arbitrary decision. For the artists in this show, wood is their muse and the source of their inspiration. Each artist has an affection for wood that comes from a very personal place. In fine art, the mastery of materials and craft must serve the aesthetics of the work. We selected contemporary art for this exhibition that speaks through wood as its medium. We placed several different approaches to using wood in juxtaposition, bringing individual voices into focus. We see wood, as a medium, in the true sense of the word — an intervening substance or agency for transmitting or producing an effect. Each artist in the show approaches wood from a conceptual framework that yields surprising and divergent results.”
Artists in the exhibition include: Amy Archambault Remby, Tom Beale, Donna Dodson, Breon Dunigan, Vanessa German, Pat Keck, Maskull Lasserre, Jennifer Maestre, Jason Middlebrook, Andy Moerlein, Martin Ulman and Mike Wright.

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