Thursday, October 11, 2018

Closing Event In NH 10/28 at 3:00

Please join me for a closing reception of Absence and Presence at the Lakes Gallery at Chi-Lin in Laconia NH. See my newest sculptures interspersed with the exceptional landscape paintings of Mary Graham. Enjoy a lively poetry event:

Love Birds - A Poetry Reading  by Keith Tornheim amongst sculpture by Andy Moerlein on the universal themes of love, longing, marriage and the dynamic of relationships - both the fleeting immediate of the crush and the lingering monument of the lifetime affection. 10/28 at 3:00

All the sculpture in this show is inspired by the themes of community, affection and the relationship between birds and musical composition.

Perfect Pitch (Marriage)
2018 wood ceramic  15 h x 8 x 24”

A duet that hovers on the delicate edge of harmony.
A balance that is robust yet quavering.
A melody that needs devoted attention to stay tuned.

2018 wood ceramic  30 h x 24 x 24”

“More than whisperings of music.
More than light airs and recollected tunes of these most brisk and giddy-paced times.”
Karl Mertz. 1890

2018 wood ceramic  46 h x 24 x 24”

The staccato pacing.
Of three notes.
Repeated looped succession.
Three friends jaywalked.
Three more followed.
Chance patterns locked.
Like shadows of yourself.


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