Sunday, August 16, 2020


 For the past 6 months I have had the gift of time and the agony of isolation. Here is my studio progress. (Also on FB twitter and Instagram)

Some drawings - to draw courage from COLOR!

This piece remains unfinished. One experiment was to take a bit of the lower part for experiments in color, using blue green ink work as my inspiration

A lovely elm butt slice came into my studio.
I had two pieces in mind and designed my cuts to use the wood effectively.
Another preliminary drawing:


The result is two very different pieces - still in progress. This one has a base idea that offers two viewing configurations. (The log base shown here is too cumbersome for this work... more to be decided.)


This is the base I am currently designing:

A Boat for the Immortals (in progress):

OK, Some finished pieces:

Thanks for looking. More to come always.

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  1. Hey, Andy! Beautiful, inspired work!..
    I am especially partial (how did you know?!) to your take on the blue-green landscapes of Ancient China -- they are truly a remarkable source!
    Where's your studio -- would be great to get together again soon! Lovingly >>PHILIP<<