Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Reception 1 pm Sun 5/20, Artist's Talk Wed 5/23 7pm

2012 saplings
60' circle of seven aligned structures 14' h

Sunday, May 20th @ 1pm
Reception for Artist in Residence Andy Moerlein
Fruitlands Art Museum, Harvard MA

Wednesday, May 23rd @ 7 p.m.
Mill Brook Gallery
Concord NH
Sculptors Donna Dodson & Andy Moerlein
present an artist's talk

Donna Dodson has been carving images out of wood since 1996. Her
sculptures explore feminine beauty and evoke humor and playfulness but also grace, power and emotional strength. Her unique vision responds to the relation of animals to the human spirit that have existed since ancient times.

Andy Moerlein:
Wood has been the foundation of my life's work. I began as a wood worker, house builder and lover of shops. I stumbled into art. It was an awakening. Wood is the root form. It has been the starting point, the nexus and vortex of so much of my life. My childhood was spent amongst Alaska's stubby Sitka Spruce, wind contorted birches and ancient ground hugging bramble juniper. When I came east for college and discovered hedgerow oaks with an equal 50 foot height and breadth I was shocked. Trees are mythic and each is embedded with story. My work today seeks out eccentric branches, expressive trees, vivid grain, and uses the woven flow of growth and experience to trace my personal story. My work has many aspects - but wood is a foundation I depend on.

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