Tuesday, June 12, 2012

15th Annual Outdoor Juried Sculpture Exhibit Mill Brook Gallery & Sculpture Garden

Opening Reception: Sunday, June 24th 2-4 pm
Music by the Stairwells

12' x 18' x12'h
steel, saplings, handmade stones

SUSPENSE is a morph of two series that I have been working on. One idea I have been exploring is vessels facing impossible situations. Boats are intriguing because they interface all three earth mediums - water, land, air. In my investigations I made concepts that seemed unbound by conventions of possibility. Boats are journey makers. Life is a travel from one moment to the next, adjusted by decisions in each moment. In my art, boats are my vocabulary to speak about personal events.

My other study focus has been an examination of mass and weight. Again I am enthused by the preposterous, astounding, monumental. I see evidence of such in my life daily. The hugeness of the world about me with it's irresistible laws of nature: geology, astrology, climatology, gravity -- all make my daily path seem so ordinary, inconsequential. Yet as the drama king that I, am I KNOW my own laws of emotion, personal myth, imagining are as potent as global physics. I believe my life is a vortex that warps the physical world about me.

In my art I draw on universal "truths" that many of us can immediately recognize: the boat shape, the silly sapling construction of it, the upholding tree forms which certainly cannot sustain the weighty rocks, the faux rocks which are really paintings? the floating-in-air boat. I use these "truths" as conceptual tools to illuminate feelings about my personal life. I am telling a very personal story, presenting a memoir, in symbols.

For fifteen year Pam Tarbell has been curating a show some of New England's finest outdoor sculptors at the Mill Brook Gallery and Sculpture Garden in Concord NH. This year's artists:

Anne Alexander, Michael Alfano, Thomas Berger, David Borrus, Barbara Danser,

Josie Campbell Dellenbaugh, Murray Dewart, Liz Fetcher, Kathryn Field, Gintz Grinbergs,

Charles Hansen, Matt Harding, Steven Hayden, Al Jaeger, Waldo E. Jespersen, Barrett Kern, John Lacz, Elenora Lecci, Rob Lorsenson, Nathan Macomber, John Matusz, Andy Moerlein, Joseph Montroy,

Rachel Montroy, Dale Rogers, Jim Santos, Antoinette Prien Schultz, Casey Schwarz, Bob Shannahan, Benjamin Silva, John Weidman, and Chris Williams

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