Monday, June 11, 2012

New Work @ FRUITLANDS Art Museum

New Work at Fruitlands Art Museum, Harvard MA, where I am Artist in Residence.
EVENT SATURDAY June 24 10 a.m.

Simple straw circles in deep piney woods. Indications of my presence.
The straw will only mark for a season. How long is a memory?
I remember a landscape forever, but forget the people I met there too swiftly.

Sweet straw smells linger in my nose despite the long day passing - and a shower.
Pine sap and fresh straw.

White Pine glade. All angles: vertical trunks, straight limbs, sharp needles - a pattern of sensations. Reds of the dropped needles, bark dark of the trunks. Rich green of the life needles. The cover beneath a white pine glade is a pattern of sharded light in sunshine - a burnt glow in overcast. I am drawing within that "ground". My "line" is a shape of straw. Perfect circles that define the silent mood of the piney understory. The yellow stray is needle angular. The sensation is soft. The weight of the foot is padded by pine duff. The straw is an added cushion, deeply sensual, it is awake with color, loft and is shape significant in the specific geometry of round. I am inviting a stroll, and interaction. Breathe deep and smell the straw/pine mix.
Find this installation between #15 & #16 on the Fruitlkands map.

I will lead a walk there, discuss my work in the landscape and have a hands on community art demonstration day Saturday June
23 10:00 a.m.
This is an outdoor event. Heavy rain or risk of lightning cancels.

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