Monday, June 11, 2012

Our Shared Planet: The Animal Kingdom Portrayed

June 19 — July 9, 2012

Reception: Sunday June 24, 2012, 5-7 p.m.

The reception will feature Guest Speaker: Chris Leahy from the Mass Audubon
Society. A professional conservationist for more than thirty years and served as Director of Mass
Audubon’s Center for Biological Conservation.

Parsons Gallery

Lexington Arts and Crafts Society, Inc.

130 Waltham Street Lexington MA 02421


Stuck in a roundabout where none really listens.
Like a gaggle of birds making clatter.
An emotional dance.
I slip out.

This is a dynamic show with a wide variety of approaches to the world of animals. The curators have done a great job of presenting both representational excellence as well as new media and concepts for reflecting on the animal/human interface on our delicate planet.

Artists: Alice Abrams, Jane Dahmen, Donna Dodson, Erick Durant, Shane Fero, Kathryn Field, Gay Freeborn, Ronnie Gould, Suzanne Grey, Bob Hesse, Alison Lauriat, Madeleine Lord, Michelle Louge, Andy Moerlein, Dawn Mostow, Steve Murphy, Ilene Richard, Tom Whelan, Nancy Whitin.

Spring Ice

A silent view of shifting water levels. Freeze. Thaw. Refreeze. Numb.

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